Super Hyper Interactive

Creating and writing criticism about videogames and interactive media.

Hey there!

I’m Age, and this is Super Hyper Interactive, where I’ll be posting games that I make, things I write about games I make, and things I write about games I didn’t make. It’s secretly just a Tumblr! Don’t tell anyone.

This first post coincides with the release of my first game, ATTACCA. It’s a game designed to be like bouncing a ball, except it doesn’t look like a ball, and it sounds like a heart attack, and you play it on your smartphone. I’ll be posting again soon about my experience designing and building ATTACCA.

ATTACCA is available now for free on Google Play and the iOS App Store. For Android users who don’t like to download via Google Play for whatever reason, or who have an older device, the apk can be downloaded directly via the links below.

Go check it out! There’ll be more to read here soon.

Android apks
High Quality (Same as Google Play version)
Medium Quality
Low Quality